The Power of OneDek®

OneDek delivers water management benefits to your project through features such as tapered insulation, through parapet wall scuppers and internal drains.

As a transformative, high-performance alternative to traditional low-slope roofing assemblies, OneDek offers:

  • Full system, 20-year weathertight warranty
  • Fewer assembly components to skin the roof, resulting in fewer field labor hours
  • Significantly fewer through penetrations, reducing potential points of failure or leak

The Architect’s Only Choice

Designed for architects who value a simplified, sustainable design and a streamlined supply chain for construction materials, OneDek eliminates traditional components such as steel deck, vapor barrier, multiple layers of board insulation, and cover boards. With OneDek, just two components complete the roof: an insulated roof deck panel and a PVC or TPO membrane to reduce complexity and increase efficiency.

The Contractor’s Only Choice

With speed, simplicity, and innovation, OneDek is transforming the way roofs are installed. OneDek reduces project complexity by reducing assembly steps required to install the roof, leading to an increase in installation efficiency when installing OneDek. Utilizing OneDek also reduces risk of failure, cost overruns, deliveries to site and waste generated on site. Increase your efficiency with OneDek and install your project faster. Every OneDek system is guaranteed by our 20-year NDL weathertight roof warranty.

1 OneDek® Field-Applied
Membrane TPO or PVC

2 OneDek® RD1

1 OneDek Field-Applied
Membrane TPO or PVC

2 OneDek RD1

For technical information, visit

 1 (888) 970-AWIP (2947)